Who We Are

1. Origins of EMC

Dokyung (Megy) Kim, president of EMC, worked for seven years as a leader of a single Korean mothers’ association. While serving as president there, she received many requests for help from immigrant women, many of them single moms. She was able to help about 25 of them even though her association’s focus was on the needs of  single mothers who were Korean citizens. At the end of March 2021, Megy completed her term as the president of the organization and created EMC (Every Mother & Child) in June 2021 for all mothers and children in need, no matter their citizenship status. EMC was founded to help all mothers–regardless of nationality or race–raise their children in a safe and healthy environment while protecting their human dignity.

Goals and Purpose

The main purpose of EMC is to help mothers and children in crisis, actively secure resources, and to operate transparently to create an environment in which children can grow healthy and be safe. The end goal of EMC is to create a worldwide network with not only domestic but also foreign organizations and institutions. This network will build healthy and safe environments where mothers can raise their children no matter where they live.

2. Overview of EMC

  • Every Mother and Child is an organization founded in June 2021 by Do-Kyung Kim(Megy Kim),
  • EMC works for and aids mothers and their children who are in crises regardless of nationality.
  • Consultation and support projects
  • Administrative and legal support projects
  • Global Networking
  • Education, public relations, and research projects

3. EMC Mission & VISION Statement


EMC recognizes that raising a child alone in another country is extremely difficult and stressful. Unregistered people without Korean nationality or children who have not registered their births cannot receive help from anyone. Language  is also another barrier to getting help from Korean society.  We believe we can help foster a caring society in which mothers and their children are respected and protected as human beings, regardless of their nationality by taking the necessary steps to create an infrastructure which supports these marginalized women and children.


A society where mothers and children are respected and protected regardless of nationality and race.


1. Help all mothers, regardless of nationality, raise their children in a safe and healthy environment .
2. To prevent crisis situations and food insecurity caused by lack of citizenship status in a given country.
3. Create an international cooperative system so that mothers and children can raise their children humanly no matter where they live.