What We Do

Overview of  EMC’s Humanitarian Mission
1.Consultation and crisis support projects
2. Legal and administrative support services
3. Policy and institutional improvement activities for multicultural/immigration families
4. Establishment of international cooperation system through global networks
5. Financial, research, and cultural projects

Emergency, Daily Living, and Counseling Support
Objective: Resolving crisis situations and help mothers and children become self-reliant. Mainly for mothers and children in urgent need.

  1. Emergency living expenses support
  2. Residential living support (housing, utilities)
  3. Daily Necessities Support (basic food items, health care products, etc)
  4. Medical Care
  5. Psychological Counseling

Legal and Administrative Support
Objective: If the child’s father is Korean, the child’s mother can file a paternity suit against the child’s father to register the child’s birth and help him acquire Korean nationality. Legal counseling can also be provided if necessary.

  1. Paternity Claims
  2. Birth Registration
  3. Acquisition of nationality
  4. Legal Counseling support

Educational Support
Objective: To provide vocational education and language acquisition education so that mothers and children can thrive in the country they settle in.

  1. Vocational Education
  2. Language Education

Global Networking

  1. To ensure that children can be raised safely in any country
  2. To develop cooperation between countries
  3. To help bring together organizations and institutions within countries to foster better cooperation